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    Christine Miller from United States (May 28th,2015)

    Christine chose the short lace dress for her wedding on our website. She chose ivory color and a light yellow sash to match it. After the dress was done and I sent the pictures to Christine, she said it's so beautiful and perfect. Here is the picture she tried it on. Item:cap sleeve lace wedding dress vintage

    This is Lauren with her friends from Canada (May 25th,2015)

    Kristy's wedding is on April 19th, she ordered the blue chiffon bridesmaid dresses for her sister Lauren and her friends. They look so beautiful in the sunshine. Item:simple chiffon bridesmaid dress

    Stefani Geary from United States (March 24th,2015)

    Stefani's beach wedding will be held on 1st August. When she got the wedding dress we made for her, she loves it so much and send us the pictures when she tried it on.Item:simple beach wedding dresses 2015

    Sara Byerly From United States

    (April 9th, 2015)

    Sara with her friends held a prom party in the garden.Our dress fitted Sara well.She said it's really a beautiful dress and everyone thinks it's so gorgeous! Item: red lace see through prom dresses

    Our Bride From August

    (Sep 25 th, 2014)

    Jennifer, a very kind girl, she chose this short and lovely style as the bridesmaid dress, looks so nice on her!Dress Item: BD0126

    Corrie Martin from United State

    (August 20 th, 2014)

    Mary got one activity to participate, she told me it was too hard to find one perfect dress, when we recommended her this style, she fell in love with it at once!Item: JSLD0005

    Our Bride From England

    (August 15 th, 2014)

    Beautiful Bride With colored wedding dress!

    Miss Zheng From China

    (August 10 th, 2014)

    Miss Zheng, she bought this gown from our online shop, after she got it, she said she loved it so much. This is exactly what we want to hear.Item: JSLD0005

    Our Bride From England

    (August 5th, 2014)

    Lilian, this elegant bride, show her glamorous characters to all the guests. She look so beautiful in this satin beaded bridal gown.Thank her for sharing the photos with us! BridalDress Item: JSWD0099

    Our Bride From England

    (July 28th, 2014)

    Amelia is really a charming bride, she choose this simple style bridal gown, which flatter her body perfectly. Thank her for sending us her beautiful wedding photos. Best Wishes for her. BridalDress Item: JSWD0111

    Mandy From Papua New Guinea

    (July 27th, 2014)

    Mandy is really a kind lady, she sent us her wedding photos to show the happiest time in her life.She looked so happy, together with her husband. We are very appreciated for sharing the important time with us! Kind Regards! Dress Item: JSWD0409

    Amani From Latvia

    (June 24th, 2014)

    Amani, the elegant and kind lady, choose us to make the bridal gown for her, she make the dress in white instead ivory, but it really look amazing when she tried it on! She must stun every guest on wedding reception! Best Regards! Dress Item: JSWD0218

    Our Bride From South Africa

    (May 12th, 2014)

    Soraya Hessami from United State

    (May 8th,2014)

    I was so glad and appreciated Soraya Hessami sent us her wedding photos wearing our dress! She performed very well on the whole wedding! Hope she will be happy with her family forever!

    Nnenna from United State

    (Jan 24th, 2014)

    Nnenna is one elegant and intelligent lady, she was going to get married when she contacted me! In order to make the wedding impressive, she wanted to choose the wedding dress seriously! She place an order of customized design style which flattered her well when she tried it on!